Infinite Scroll – jQuery & WP 无限滚动插件

无限滚动(Infinite Scroll)也称为自动分页、滚动分页和无限分页。常用在图片、文章或其它列表形式的网页中,用来在滚动网页的时候自动加载下一页的内容。Infinite Scroll  这款 jQuery & WordPress 无限滚动插件可以帮助你轻松实现这个效果。


Infinite Scroll - jQuery & WP 无限滚动插件

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$('.selector').infinitescroll({    loading: {      finished: undefined,      finishedMsg: "<em>Congratulations, you've reached the end of the internet.</em>",                  img: null,      msg: null,      msgText: "<em>Loading the next set of posts...</em>",      selector: null,      speed: 'fast',      start: undefined    },    state: {      isDuringAjax: false,      isInvalidPage: false,      isDestroyed: false,      isDone: false, // For when it goes all the way through the archive.      isPaused: false,      currPage: 1    },    behavior: undefined,    binder: $(window), // used to cache the selector for the element that will be scrolling    nextSelector: "div.navigation a:first",    navSelector: "div.navigation",    contentSelector: null, // rename to pageFragment    extraScrollPx: 150,    itemSelector: "",    animate: false,    pathParse: undefined,    dataType: 'html',    appendCallback: true,    bufferPx: 40,    errorCallback: function () { },    infid: 0, //Instance ID    pixelsFromNavToBottom: undefined,    path: undefined, // Can either be an array of URL parts (e.g. ["/page/", "/"]) or a function that accepts the page number and returns a URL    maxPage:undefined // to manually control maximum page (when maxPage is undefined, maximum page limitation is not work)  });
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